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Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., Ltd

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Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., Ltd

Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., Ltd

Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., Ltd. is a group enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. It is a key backbone enterprise specialized in design, R & D, manufacturing, processing and sales of various shock absorbers. It has a high reputation andinfluence in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, construction, thermalpower, water supply and other industries. Its products have been in short supply and soldwell Domestic and foreign markets.
The factory has strong technical force, complete production equipment, research anddevelopment and design of various shock absorber production capacity, with advanced experimentsEquipmentand perfect detection means. Our factory is a rubber joint industry through TS pressure pipe production license enterprise, TS No.: ts2731b90-2020, and has passed iso9001-2015 international quality system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health system certification, ISO14001 environmental managementManagement system certification, Shanghai enterprise safety production standardcertificate, Shanghai Pudong water group qualified supplier certificate, edible rubber jointTest report, water related approval and other qualification certificates; in 2019, it successfully matched the rubber joint for the C919 commercial aircraft of China; the factory made full use of manyYears of designand production experience, to optimize the combination of products, and strive for stable quality. The products include: flexible rubber jointSpring shock absorber, rubber shock absorber, hanger shock absorber, stainless steel metal hose, corrugated compensator, shock absorption pedestal, automobile shock absorberOur products are sold to all kinds of water pumps, fans, air conditioning units,generator units, diesel units, compressor units, etcTransformer, punch, power test stand, hydraulic system and other foundation vibration reduction as well as various pipelines, air conditioning boxes, fan coil units, axial-flow fansHoisting and vibration reduction of air duct, etc.
In 2017, Songjiang Group invested 120 million yuan in shuangdian industrial zone of Nantongcity to build the "annual output of 1.2 million shock absorbers project", December 2018The new plantintroduces a large number of automatic intelligent equipment, mainly including automatic batching machine andautomatic feeding machineMachine, automatic rubber mixing machine, numerical control blanking machine,numerical control cutting machine, automatic forming machine, automatic vulcanizing machine, processingcenter, numerical control lathe, numberControl drilling machine, numerical control milling machine,automatic packaging machine, automatic winding machine, automatic film winding machine, etc.; Nantongfactory has its own testing center, mainlyThe testing equipment includes 3-liter internal mixer, 6-inch openmixer, rubber vulcanizer, universal tensile machine, low temperature tester, high temperature tester and wear-resistant testerTester, hardness tester, water pressure tester, blasting tester, fatigue tester, spectrometer, chloride detector, vibration detectionInstrument, noise detector, simulation vibration test bench and other detection and test equipment.


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