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【样册P65】Vibration analysis of water pump

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【样册P65】Vibration analysis of water pump

上海淞江减震器集团有限公司官方网站电子样册栏目为您介绍:【样册P65】Vibration analysis of water pump信息,淞江集团为众多星级酒店提供高品质减振降噪解决方案。

【样册P65】Vibration analysis of water pump

Urban construction tends to high level, people's living with water will need to be promoted, air conditioning chilled water, cooling water circulation system pump use more and more widely. However, thenoise and vibration caused by the problem of the environment are also put forward to control and protection. Leading to a unit and the pumping station building to produce vibration caused by many reasons, some factors between both interrelated and interact with each other. And briefly, mainly thefollowing four aspects.
1, electrical aspects
Motor is the main equipment of the unit, the internal magnetic force of the motor and other electrical systems, often caused by vibration and noise.
2, mechanical aspects
Motor and pump rotation parts quality imbalance, shoddy, installation of poor quality, asymmetric unit axis, a swing degree exceeds the allowable value, parts of mechanical strength and poor stiffness, bearing and sealing parts wear and damage, and the critical speed of the pump appears and the natural frequency of the unit rate difference caused by the resonance etc., will produce strong vibration and noise.
3, hydraulic aspects
Pump inlet velocity and pressure distribution is not uniform pump import and export liquid pressure pulsation, liquid flow around and drift and flow separation, non fixed conditions and a variety of
causes for pump gas turbidity are a common cause of the vibration of the pump unit. Pump start and shutdown, the valves open and close, changing working condition and accident emergency stop dynamic transition process caused by pipeline the rapid change of the pressure and the water hammer effect, often lead to vibration of the pump and crew.
4, water workers and other aspects
Set inlet flow design unreasonable or does not match with the unit, a water pump submerged depth properly, and the unit startup and shutdown order is not reasonable etc., so that the deterioration
of water conditions, vortices, induced air turbidity or aggravate unit and pump vibration. The damage siphon vacuum drying unit in startup, if hump section of the air entrainment difficult to form a long
siphon; beat the door cutout of the unit take door design unreasonable, open and closed, continue to impact the flap valve seat; foundation to support the pump and motor occurred uneven settlement or
foundation of rigid poor reasons, will also lead to unit vibration. From this, we can get the conclusion: the vibration of the water pump is very many, many of which are inevitable. And in fact,whether from the design of the production link, or hydraulic design, can not completely eliminate the vibration of the pump.Therefore, it is very important to implement the vibration isolation of the water pump through the installation of inertia base and the spring vibration isolator and the rubber isolator.

以上【样册P65】Vibration analysis of water pump信息来源于上海淞江减震器集团有限公司官方网站,如需了解更多减振信息请点击:弹簧减震器查询,欢迎新老客户到我厂实地参观考察,电话:021-33666667。

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