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简介:BE120船舶压缩机橡胶减震器 BE120 Marine Rubber compressor shock absorber 上海淞江减震器集团有限公司官方网站为您介绍:BE120船舶压缩机橡胶减震器信息,淞江集团为船舶压缩机隔震推荐BE120橡胶减震器产......

BE120 Marine Rubber compressor shock absorber

The official website of Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber Group Co., Ltd. introduces you to the information of be120 marine compressor rubber shock absorber. Songjiang group recommends be120 rubber shock absorber for marine compressor vibration isolation. This product has good shock absorption effect and The big advantage is the low cost. It is less than half the price of the spring shock absorber, but it can reduce the vibration of the generator by about 65%. It is the first choice for shock absorption and noise reduction of ship equipment.



Main features and uses of rubber shock absorber for BE120 generator
The BE rubber isolator is made of metal and rubber, and the metal surface is all wrapped in rubber, which can prevent the corrosion of metal. The product has oil resistance, seawater resistance, salt fog resistance and sunshine. It can meet all kinds of environmental conditions such as land, ship and so on, and the product quality index reaches the relevant US military index.

The BE type rubber isolator has low natural frequency and suitable damping ratio. The lateral stiffness is higher than the vertical stiffness. It is suitable for various mounting forms such as flat, inverted and side hung. When used horizontally, the lateral stability is good. When subjected to large impact, can automatically limit protection, the resonance peak suppression ability is very strong at the same time, the transient impact response condition caused by excessive instantaneous vibration can disappear quickly, without any shaking equipment, the vibration isolation effect of the products are quite obvious interference in a wide frequency range. It can be applied to all kinds of land and marine machinery and equipment, such as diesel engines, fans, pumps, air compressors, air conditioners, precision instruments and other small and medium-sized mechanical equipment vibration isolation. For the mechanical equipment with horizontal disturbance, good vibration isolation effect can be obtained by using this isolator.



如果您需要了解更多BE120船舶压缩机橡胶减震器信息请点击:联系我们 与我们区域负责人联系,我们会为您提供更多的服务,谢谢。
If you need to know more about BE120 generator rubber shock absorber, please click: contact us and contact with our regional head, we will provide you more services, thank you.

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