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简介: JGD橡胶剪切隔振器 JGD rubber shearing damper   产品主要.点与用途 Characteristics and use of products 该系列产品由金属和橡胶复合制成,表面全部包复橡胶,可防止金属......


JGD rubber shearing damper


Characteristics and use of products
The products are made from metal and rubber compound, full wrap rubber surface to prevent metal corrosion.
Simple structure, easy installation, can be directly installed in the base, the foundation bolts also available to install, safe and reliable, load range 30kg ~ 1800kg. For -15 ~ +70 ℃ temperature .

JGD type rubber vibration isolator is composed of metal and rubber paste form, the elastic body by the axisymmetric ring shear type structure, the series of products are divided into 4 dimensional structure, 10 kinds of specifications of the axial load, rated load from 10 to 1280kg, the damping ratio is larger than 0.06, inhibition of the strong resonance. The shock absorber has the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, with the same type of the same specifications of vibration isolator in the structure of small size, light weight, convenient installation and replacement, safe and reliable, can be in 5 to +50 DEG C range to maintain the normal work. Isolation of JG shock absorber of 800r/min rotary and reciprocating mechanical vibration has a good vibration isolation effect, vibration isolation and instrument for water pump, fan, air compressors, diesel engine, refrigerator and other mechanical equipment vibration, shock proof. Vibration isolation and protection of this product is applicable to all types of aviation equipment, ship and in the locomotive.
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The engineering case
The above information from: Shanghai rubber joint metal hose | Shanghai Shanghai spring shock absorber manufacturing Co., Ltd as the official website in Shanghai Songjiang shock absorber, for more rubber shock pad information can call the company telephone: 021-33666667, we are the Shanghai shock absorber manufacturer, welcome new and old customers to visit my factory.

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